About Us

Designed for lovers of Guitar – bringing you unhinged playlists, exciting personalities, exclusive content, a new way to listen to rock music

Our Story

Simply put, if you love guitars or if you love guitar based music – you’ll love Feedback Radio.

We have a deep passion for the music we play but feedback radio is more than just this. We want to do things a little differently by catering for lovers of guitars as well as lovers of the music the guitar helps to create. We want to bring the guitar community together to celebrate the best music throughout the years – but you don’t have to be a guitarist to love feedback radio. With the best rock, metal and blues from the 60s to the present day we aim to cater for heavy music lovers across the world.

Coming in 2019, we want to incorporate a diverse, huge playlist with fresh and exciting shows and hosts alongside exclusive content. We’re building an exciting station that you can take with you everywhere and access for free – you’ll never be more than an internet connection from your favourite music.

Let’s do this together,

Turn it up, Play it Loud!


‘I’ve loved guitars and rock since I was young, and I know for a fact I’m not alone. There are just so few outlets in radio nowadays for guitar based music that I found myself flicking through stations and finding nothing. Feedback Radio will fill that gap, and help provide that outlet for rock music lovers, guitar lovers and everyone in between.’

Adam Whalley - CEO